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My puppy loves the care and attention from the staff of Dogs all Day. I visited several doggie daycare centers in the area and hands down felt this was the most clean and professional. I encourage anyone looking for a daycare center for their pup to check them out.

Dogs All Day is simply a fantastic boarding and day care facility. Leo (our 8 month old lab mix) is our first dog and so naturally we wanted to find the perfect place to board him when we have to go away and can’t take him with. Our experience with Dogs All Day started with Katy Johnson and her puppy training class – which was the perfect introduction to the Dogs All Day facility. Katy’s training classes are phenomenal and Leo (and I) has learned key skills toward becoming a well behaved and balanced dog. Leo loves playing with the other dogs whether visiting for the day or overnight and I can feel confident that he is being well cared for because I have met almost all of the employees and they already know Leo at first glance. Leo absolutely loves going – he is always so excited when he figures out that we are driving there and he happily goes back with whichever employee comes out to greet him. Love the webcams too! We’ve also utilized the grooming facilities and Leo has never smelled better or had a softer coat than after his bath with Danny the groomer. The selection of dogs supplies for sale are top notch and I always know that whatever I purchase from Dogs All Day is high quality and safe for my dog.

Highly recommend Dogs All Day as a place to board your dog when you are away or just drop your dog off when they need to release some energy!! Our dog gets excited from the minute we pull into the parking lot and doesn’t look back once we drop her off. The staff is absolutely wonderful and we couldn’t be happier with our experience there!

Anita & Staff, Just wanted to send a quick email and let you know how much I’ve come to depend on Dogs All Day. Otis absolutely loves coming here for Day Care– one or two days a week and he is more than satisfied! We also had a great time in puppy training class with Katy. I know that your staff really cares about dogs– and I completely trust each and every one of you with Otis. Thanks for providing a safe outlet for the puppy crazies and some great training options! Camille

Hi, I just wanted to thank you, and tell you how impressed I was with your business and staff! I brought in my Jack Russell “Walter” for all day play yesterday, while i was with my mother at CMC hospital. This was my first time ever leaving him with anyone other than family, so i was a little worried. Walter is my best friend and buddy so i wanted him at a safe facility that was staffed by pet lovers and Dogs All Day Charlotte was perfect. I loved the cameras so i could check in on him online on my sisters laptop and hopefully soon on my android tablet. It was so comforting seeing the play was supervised and the staff seemed very attentive. Walter really seemed to enjoy his visit! He loves to run and play with other dogs and he was one played-out happy puppy! He fell asleep on my lap during the trip home to Shelby. Because of my health issues i am not able to walk him as often as i should however; i let him chase the laser around the yard.  Nothing is as good for him as playing with other dogs and i want you to know how happy you made me and Walter and we will have to start planning day trips to Dogs All Day Charlotte soon!!  Thanks Again!  Greg And Walter Hull

I just want to say how impressed I was with your store and staff today. I was online trying to find a retailer for high-end dog food since my regular store closed down, and I found you all. I am really pleased that I did. Not only was the woman working in the store area VERY helpful and nice, but I got the distinct impression that you all CARE about dogs…not just making money but rather making a business out of your passion. From the food, thunder shirts, raw bones and antlers, I was impressed and felt like my dogs would be taken care of in a way I would want them cared for if I needed to leave them somewhere. I look forward to touring the facility and bringing my Ridgebacks in for an assessment.

Our very energetic German Shepherd puppy LOVES going to Dogs All Day for dayplay! By the time he gets home, he is exhausted! Recently we used Dogs All Day for boarding as well. We were worried he wouldn’t want to go back anymore for daycare, but he seemed to have so much fun he didn’t realize we were gone. The staff take great care of the dogs.

Best Thing that happened to our new dog! We adopted our lab this past January and he has absolutely done a 180 with the big help of Dogs All Day! He’s much better socialized now and loves getting to spend the day playing with different types of dogs, especially during days we end up working long hours! The staff is great and always providing great feedback on how our dog does when he’s there! Have also been grateful for their boarding facility as well as we trust leaving our sweet pup when we’re away! Prices are completely reasonable, especially for all that our dog gets out of it!

We bring our chocolate lab there for boarding all the time and she loves it. The facility is clean and the staff is very friendly. The dogs play all day in a great environment. Reasonable rates too. Overall one of the best in Charlotte.

Our dog has been going to Dogs All Day for daycare 2-3 days per week for the last year and absolutely loves it. He knows when we turn on South Blvd where we’re going and can hardly wait to get out of the car to go play with his buddies. The staff is very attentive and loving and I know he’s well taken care of. He comes home exhausted so my husband and I can have a quiet evening after work. If you have a high energy dog, daycare at Dogs All Day is well worth the expense. An added plus is that we’ve ended up with a very well-socialized dog who gets along great with every dog he meets.

I love Dogs All Day! I bring my dog there one weekend a month for boarding and day care. They take great care of her, and she leaves exhausted. For an active dog, it is money well spent.

I have tried 4 different dog boarding and daycares in Charlotte and not one of them can even hold a candle to Dogs All Day. From the spacious play areas to the extremely friendly staff this is the kind of establishment I feel safe to leave my dog at.

Top Notch! Top Notch! I moved to Charlotte a year ago and have no family here. I was really worried about where I was going to leave my dog when I was out of town..after all he’s my little guy!. I started doing searches and this place came up. I called and scheduled an appointment to check it out. The owner, Anita showed me around and really made it a great experience. I gave it a try and have never thought of going anywhere else since. My dog literally squeals and howls when I even pull in the parking lot. I feel very secure every time I drop him off whether it’s for doggy day care of overnight. He can’t wait to get inside and see the staff as well as all the other dogs. They treat him like their own. Everyone is so friendly and on top of their game. In fact, recently, I pulled in and had a flat tire, I went to call Triple AAA and before I could even do that Anita came running out and literally changed my tire! Talk about above and beyond. It is because of the owner and staff that make this place so successful. Kudos to Dogs All Day for having such a top notch facility and thank you for the continued love and safety of my precious Logan!

Stephen & Stacey (Frankie’s parents)

Our dog has found his second home! At Dogs All Day, Anita and her staff combine state of the art facilities and technology with reasonable prices and personalized attention for each dog. My wife and i utilize her doggie daycare services often and are extremely pleased with all aspects of the service. They have multiple large indoor and outdoor rooms for your pet, a camera so you can watch them play while you are at work, lots of retail supplies, including dog food and best of all friendly dispositions. This is not just a money making enterprise, Anita and her staff love animals and will take great care of your dog whether it’s for the day or for the night. We have taken our dog to at least a half dozen facilties over the last 3 years and while the others were “fine,” Dogs All Day stands well above the rest. Try for yourself.

Nate & Alison (Maggie’s parents)

I tried another doggie daycare in Charlotte and decided on Dogs All Day as the place for my dog. The facility is brand new and it is very big. The dogs have plenty of space to play. The best part is webcams!! I can watch my dog play and “check in” on her any time I want throughout the day. Very nice touch! The staff is also very nice. You can tell they are dog lovers. They also make sure that each dog is a good “fit” for their facility. This is important so you don’t have to worry about an overly-aggressive dog harming your dog. They also sell products! It’s like a mini pet store so you can pick up things when you drop off or pick up your dog. They have a great selection of natural foods, also. I also like that Anita is attempting to make her facility as “green” as possible. It’s nice to know that I’m supporting a local business that is doing their part to help with our environment. If you are shopping around for a doggie daycare facility in Charlotte,  Dogs All Day definitely needs to be on your list.

Stan & Jana (Bowzer’s parents)

Dogs All Day is a brand new state-of-the-art facility incorporating day care, boarding, grooming, and retail – everything you would want in one place! My dog attends day care two days per week and just finished his first ‘sleepover’ at Dogs All Day and loved it (he told me!) I had no worries at all that he would be well cared for, but I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and happy he was as well! Anita and her staff have done a terrific job researching and furnishing an environment in which dogs of all ages and sizes can play and socialize. I am throughly convinced this is THE place for my baby!

Robbie (Beau’s mom)

Anita Williams and her staff are caring, loving, and professional. The facility is clean and spacious. My dog is happy and clearly loves being there. I work FT and finally am comfortable with our routine. He is spending 2-3 days a week there, one day at home playing with his best neighbor dogfriend, and Friday konked out happily sleeping in his crate at home.  We recently started grooming my lab and he is wonderful also.  Beau is clean AND happy.

Mark & Lynn (Sunny’s parents)

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Sunny.  He came home happy, healthy, and best of all – unstressed!  We logged on and watched him at play a couple of times while he was there; what a neat service to offer.  We are happy customers that will be back!

Shelly  (Scruffy & Duke’s mom)

We love Dogs All Day in Charlotte!! My two dogs stayed there for 9 days this past vacation. My kids loved watching their dogs on the DoggieCam. The dogs looked happy, well cared for, and we even saw one of our dogs giving the staff a kiss!! They were able to stay in a spacious suite together. They had their beds, blankets, water, food, and a flat screen TV! I was told it looked like a sleepover party! The dogs came home clean and happy.The play area is both indoor’s and outdoors..the dogs choice, with lots of room to run and play. Dogs All Day is a dogs, home away from home. Anita and her staff are wonderful and true dog lovers. It is obvious that they have done a lot of research and created a very well planned and thought out doggie day care and pet supply retail store.

Debra (Brandon’s mom)

Just two small words to express so much gratitude.  THANK YOU!

Stacie (Bailey’s mom)

Thank you so much for the wonderful care that you and your staff provided for our little Dachshund Bailey.  We boarded her for the first time ever over the 4th of July weekend and we were so pleased with the care she received.  She slept for about 2 days after we brought her home!  It is so nice to know that we can go away and not have to worry about Bailey being well taken care of.    Thank you again!

Dawn (Sophie’s mom)

My dog Sophie loves playing soooo much at Dogs All Day that she pulls me from the car to their front door and she’s only 13 pounds.  She gets lots of attention from the staff and tons of play time with lots of different and well-behaved dogs.  Anita and her staff are friendly, informed and genuinely care about Sophie.  When poor Sophie was at home with a tummy ache, they called to check in on her.  In addition to the top-notch day care & boarding, the groomer is great.  Sophie, who is a long-haired breed, got gotten many compliments on her precision cut!  It’s also convenient to buy wholesome food and treats.  I will never take my dog anyplace else.

Moira (Phoebe’s mom)

My dog Phoebe loves this place…she always comes home happy!  The dogs have a wonderful place to run around and play with a huge facility, and it’s conveniently located right next to where I work.  She even came back today with her own personalized kerchief.  And I can watch her via ‘doggy cam’ to see how she’s doing.

Sara (Stella’s mom)

I cannot say enough good things about Anita and her staff at Dogs All Day.  We have been boarding our dog since they opened and are proud to be a Founding Member!  Anita and her staff learned all of Stella’s doggy quirks right away and go out of their way to make her extra comfrortable.  The staff are always full of interesting comments when I call to check on my pup so I know they are having real interactions.

Thomas (Mac’s dad)

Mac goes to Dogs All Day 2-3 days a week!  It is great to give him the exercise he needs and to socialize him with other dogs.  He comes home so tired but he has a great time playing with other dogs.  We consider it his training and he loves it!!!  I like that I can watch him on my PC at work with the web cams.  Fun to watch him play.  Mac also loves the food and the lamb rolls are his favorite.

Emily (Kuma’s mom)

Every Wednesday my Great Dane Kuma wakes up with an extra pep in her step.  This is because she knows she is going to see Anita and her amazing team at Dogs All Day.  This new facility is top of the line and her prices are still affordable!!  I can watch Kuma while at work on the doggy cam which ensures you that you are getting your money’s worth.  I would highly recommend Dogs All Day for anyone looking to give their pooch a little extra TLC.

Janet (Sammy’s mom)

As soon as we walk in the door at Dogs All Day, we know we have come to the best place for our dog.  The staff all know our name and remember our dogs name too!  Sammy is so happy each time we take him in.  He runs up and gives the staff members kisses.  Sammy loves playing with the other dogs and the staff.  He comes home exhausted after a day of play at Dogs All Day.  We had tried several different kennels & doggie-daycares around the Charlotte area but Sammy always came home unhappy that we had left him in those places.  He frequently exhibited his displeasure by way of stomach issues.  But after visiting Dogs all Day, he comes home happy and healthy!  His behavior has shown us that he is treated well and feels safe at Dogs All Day.  I can not say enough and highly recommend Dogs All Day to anyone who worries about the safety and comfort of their dog(s)!  Thanks to Anita and her staff for the best dogcare in Charlotte.

Colleen, Derek, Evan (Sams’ family)

We can’t even begin to express our gratitude for your care of Sams these past 3 mo’s, off and on while we had traveling holidays and a family vacation where Sams could not join us.  It was such a relief to know she was in such GREAT hands with you, having fun playing with other dogs and making friends, and getting the love and attention she needs while we are away.  I can tell how happy she is at Dogs All Day because whenever we bring her there, she wags excitedly and trots off without a backwards glance.  And when we pick her up I’d swear she was smiling!  She’s always pooped and happiest after time with you.  Thanks for providing us with a fun, safe and loving facility to board Sams when we can’t bring her with us.  It’s like having a home away from home.

Scott (Scooter’s dad)

The entire team at Dogs All Day has really made being a new dog owner a breeze! Scooter’s first experience at Dogs All Day was just a few minutes after I adopted him – I took him there to buy some toys and shampoo (he was a dirty dog). However I decided it would be best if they gave him his first bath. So while he got cleaned up – I did some shopping! Scooter has been going back 2 or 3 times a week and really loves going. When I tell him “Go Doggies!” he goes crazy and jumps right into the car. By the time I pick him up he is very calm – which makes crate training less stressful. Thanks for helping to make dog ownership easier! Two thumbs up + two paws up + 1 tail up = 5 stars!

Jeanine (Max’s mom)

My dog, Max, loves this place and the staff. Everyone is friendly and the place is organized and sanitary. The staff clearly loves and understands dogs and I know he’s in good hands when I drop him off. When I pick him up in the evenings, he is exhausted from playing but ready to go back the next morning. Dogs All Day has been a lifesaver for us considering our busy work schedule. I cannot state enough how wonderful this place is!

Jennifer (Bella’s mom)

Bella loves Dogs All Day and has been going 2 to 3 days a week for almost a year now. She’s an energetic Yorkie who loves to run and play with the other dogs. Before Dogs All Day, her behavior when I got home from work was terrible because she had so much pent-up energy. Now, Bella is much happier and so am I. She loves to play in the pool! And when we are on our way there and she see the place, she starts to get excited and whines. I can’t get her in the door fast enough! On her off-days at home, she just rests. She is very tired after her day of play. We go to Dogs All Day for daycare, boarding, and grooming. The facility is always clean and all of their services are top-notch. The staff is wonderful and really know the quirks of my crazy dog. We would never go any where else!

Jenny & Scott (Belle’s parents)

We have been very happy with our experience at Dogs All Day! Belle is so excited to go to her “school” that she has a screaming fit, wagging her body wildly in the mornings when she realizes where the car is headed. She bounds into the daycare right to one of the great staff members! It is fun to watch the webcam, and we are able to get Belle’s food there, too (which is much healthier than what she used to eat). We love getting “report cards” and hearing from the staff about Belle’s day! We also enjoy getting the monthly e-newsletter.

Cathy (Luke’s mom)

Just wanted to let all of you know how much my dog Luke loves coming to doggie day care school.  I really can’t express enough what a wonderful place you have and how much your love for animals shows in all you do.  Actually, all you have to do is stand in the lobby and see all the dogs pulling their owners through the doors to get inside, to realize that you provide a happy place for all of our special companions.

Dana (Lily & Davi’s mom)

Just want to tell you that I picked Davi & Lily up this afternoon and am so happy with your facility and staff, etc.  I have boarded Davi other places before now and honestly, there’s just a whole different sense of care at Dogs All Day.  Davi goes in with the tail wagging and of course, I felt like Lily was well loved for her first boarding experience.  Thank you so much!

Megan (Bodie’s mom)

I tried a couple different doggie daycares for my rescue lab over the years before finding Dogs All Day. At the other places, he would reluctantly go back with them when I dropped him off, as if he seemed sad that I was leaving him there. I should have paid more attention to his signals. At Dogs All Day, he starts shaking when we get there because he is so excited, and then he literally pulls me in the door so that he can go see all his friends (both human and doggie). The drastic change in his behavior and attitude about daycare tells me that Dogs All Day must be doing something right. Everyone is so friendly and they all seem genuinely excited to see Bodie when we arrive. I also love the webcams — none of the other places I went had this feature, and I think not knowing what he was doing, or even where he was (they could have just crated him all day for all I knew), during the day contributed to my feeling of uneasiness about those places. Bottom line: both Bodie and I are MUCH happier now that he is at Dogs All Day!

Jessica (Banjo’s mom)

Really, the best doggie day care in town.   My hyper mixed hound loves going to daycare. He is the type that needs exercise and its hard to do that everyday after work. He always comes home tired and it helps so much with the way he behaves. The staff there is always right there to greet you and take your dog to the back. Going to daycare is never hassle. I love watching the web cam while I’m at work. It’s hilarious. Also, the little things matter. They send doggie Birthday cards that caught me by surprise when it came in the mail. They were so cute and creative and it just really made me feel like a good customer that they remembered. The whole facility is run to just make it so easy to take your dog to daycare, buy food if you need it, and use any service that you may need. They are always accommodating.

Tina & Bob (Maggie & Bucky’s parents)

What A Relief! We’ve been taking our 2 dogs (Maggie & Bucky) to Anita and her team for about a year. This is after trying another local daycare. There is no comparison. Anita and her team are reliable and friendly, compassionate and caring about the dogs. The facility is clean (hugely important) and the staff members pay attention to the dogs. What a huge relief! Having the cameras is a great comfort to me as I was fairly convinced that the “old” daycare pretty much left the dogs cooped up all the time. Now, I can see that they are with other dogs, which was an important reason for trying daycare in the first place. The staff members are friendly and genuine. When you don’t have children, your animals are everything to you and so having good, reliable care is a great relief!

Kristi (Axel’s mom)

Very Friendly Staff.   We heard a lot about Dogs All Day when we got our new dog from Animal Control and have had great experiences for the past 2 months. The staff recognize and welcome our 55 lb “puppy” by name, and have helped recommend foods and other products – the items available in their store seem to be carefully selected, so I have confidence buying a new food there. This weekend will be our first boarding experience but I will look forward to finding my boy on camera while I’m away!

Danielle (Tascha’s mom)

Love it!   Anita and her team are great! The staff at Dogs All Day is friendly, helpful, and caring. My dog is not great with strangers, but feels completely ‘at home’ with the Dogs All Day staff. I use Dogs All Days for day care, boarding, and grooming. When I leave for work or travel, I am confident my girl will be well taken care of.

Pam & Andy (Governor’s parents)

My husband and I have been taking our Golden, Gov to Dogs All Day almost as long as the doors have been open. Anita and her staff are strong and caring. Not only does Gov go to Dogs All Day our three Grand dogs go too. Each of our grown kids argues that their dog is the favorite dog at Dogs All Day but the truth is Anita and the staff make every dog and family feel they are the most important. I have collected the cards of the first tooth lost, the Santa picture, special “caught you in the moment” pictures and much more. The other day Gov and I were going down South Blvd on our way to do errands. As we passed Dogs All Day I looked in the rear view window and there was Gov looking at “school” as we drove by. I felt so bad I called and he went the next day. The most challenging part of Dogs All Day is trying to control your dog as he charges the door to get to his friends when you arrive and you’re trying to stay on your feet. When we pick Gov up he is exhausted but happy. Anita expects nothing of her staff that she wouldn’t expect of her self. They are a strong team. We feel blessed to have found Dogs All Day. Gov says it all when he plops on the kitchen floor, “what a great day”!

Brianne (Archie’s mom)

When we first got our dog Archie as a puppy, I asked around for the best daycare spots– everyone came back with recommendations for Dogs All Day, and thank goodness for that, b/c Archie loves it!! The place is incredibly clean and everyone is so friendly — it is always such a treat to walk in and have Archie be greeted by name! I love the fact that I can check in during the day with the webcams (other neurotic puppy parents will agree!) and Archie always comes home tired and happy. We are moving out of the country and will be so sad to say goodbye to Dogs All Day — maybe they will open a European branch?!