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Dog Food 101

There are basically three categories of dog food – canned, kibble or raw — but there various sub-categories and distinctions within the categories.  The healthiest category of food is “raw” but is also the category that gives most pet owners pause.  Beyond uncooked raw food — fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. — there are the “freeze dried”, […]

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A Lifetime of Dry Dog Food?

Would you feed your two legged child the same “nutritionally complete” dry cereal at every meal for their entire lifetime?  Then why do we feed our four legged fur babies like this? When dry dog food hits the dog’s stomach, it is not what the stomach expects.  The stomach then needs a huge influx of […]

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Human foods that are harmful to dogs.

There are many common human foods that are really harmful to your dog.  Their digestive systems are different than ours so not everything you eat is a good idea to share with the pooch. Bones from fish and cooked bones can obstruct the digestivesystem.  Not good! Chocolate, coffee, tea and caffeinated drinks are bad.  They contain caffeine which could be toxic and impact the […]

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