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A Lifetime of Dry Dog Food?

Would you feed your two legged child the same “nutritionally complete” dry cereal at every meal for their entire lifetime?  Then why do we feed our four legged fur babies like this?

When dry dog food hits the dog’s stomach, it is not what the stomach expects.  The stomach then needs a huge influx of water just to break it up and let it pass into the intestines.  This could mean drinking large amounts of water, or mild dehydration as moisture is taken from the body for digestion – with potential impact on general health, kidneys or incontinence issues.

dogeatingfrombowlA high-quality, dry kibble can be a good starting point.  Topping this with a dollop of high-quality canned food or raw meat is a good step towards adding necessary moisture and helping the food pass through the stomach’s acid bath more quickly – giving the dog’s digestive system a better chance to absorb the nutrition from the food.

Check out some of our yummy canned dog food or frozen raw meat next time you visit.

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