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     Monday-Friday 7:00am-7:00pm
Saturday-Sunday 8:30am-6:00pm

4240 South Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28209
(p) 704-523-3380
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boardingWe always want our guests to feel safe and comfortable, whether they are out in the play yards or in for the night. All our guests sleep in climate controlled, comfortable areas with soft clean bedding.

After a day of playing your pooch will sleep well. Best of all, your dog won’t mind your vacations anymore!

Boarding Fee includes:
• A full day of daycare (we encourage you to drop your dog off early)
• Breakfast, snacks and dinner served. We prefer you bring your own food to avoid upset tummies.  $5 per day for house food.
• A good-night tuck-in
• Classical music
• Night lights for nice ambient lighting

Boarding dogs must complete the pre-entry evaluation and MAY BE REQUIRED TO ATTEND AT LEAST 2 days of daycare prior to boarding.  This is to ensure your dog will be comfortable and happy during their stay with us. Remember, boarding dogs are included in the daycare play groups.

If your dog requires any medicines to be administered during the stay, print and fill out the Medicine Check-In Form prior to arrival. Please use one sheet per med.

Please note – check out is at 1pm on your dog’s departure day.  Please be sure to pick up your pooch prior to 1pm to avoid an additional daycare charge.

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